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As a dynamic company with a global reach, we meet the requirements of modern entrepreneurs for whom the external image of the company and employees is as important as the professionalism of the services provided. We offer you to create company collections in individual project.

Our offer for company orders includes, among others, advice on the selection of fabrics, visual elements of the shirt, color additions, creation of a company embroidery, labels, imprints for a specific order, as well as preparation of several separate cost estimates.

Over 2 million possible combinations

Each element of the shirt is described and presented graphically in accordance with the range offered.

Wide range of services offered

Our shirts can be mailed to most European countries. Fast and reliable delivery!

Unlimited size profiles

Order each shirt in a different size. The created profiles will be archived and will be available for subsequent orders.

We have over 100 patterns of fabrics, differing in weight, weave and color variants. We offer you primarily 100% cotton fabrics, because our products must meet the conditions of durability and comfort. At the client's special request, we also import fabrics from Italy or the Czech Republic.

We do not impose pre-defined templates, forms or materials. The final effect of the implemented project depends only on the requirements and standards provided by the client.