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Tailorsky (Orchidea) Company focuses on the quality of its products. We provide a high level of service not only because our products are sewn and hand finished by a group of specialized seamstresses, but also because the basis of our work is a proven and reliable product.

We work with a selected group of threads, needles, buttons, machines and shirt accessories. We offer a wide range of modern forms of collars, cuffs, fronts and other visual elements included on a shirt. We also implement customer concepts by creating tailor-made templates. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

The Tailorsky (Orchidea) Company deals in the production of clothing, in particular shirts. Following the requirements of modern entrepreneurs, we offer comprehensive implementation of orders for clothing, both ready-made and tailor-made. We offer advice at every stage of your order, starting with key issues such as choosing the right fabric and ending with a visual shirt design. The company Tailorsky (Orchidea) has fabrics from all over Europe, provides the ability to make company tags / woven labels, as well as embroideries / LOGO imprints or special characters. We are here to provide you with the best company card, which is the appearance of a representative or employee.